Custom History

Custom-made replicas of historical items

For museums, educational workshops, experimental archaeology, re-enactment and living-history, or just for joy.

!!! NEW: Genealogy research services !!!

Custom History offers custom-made replicas of various historical items for museums, educational workshops as well as for experimental archaeology, re-enactment and living-history, or just for the joy of history enthusiasts – both for decoration and for daily use.

Items are usually made one-of-a-kind, up to customer's order – they are not the usual mass-made goods you find at fair booths and which are often inaccurate due to insufficient knowledge, production simplicity or improperly chosen materials.

Products made at Custom History are based on our own professional archaeological knowledge, long study of material culture and last but not least on first person experience, gained by many years of re-enactment, experimental archaeology and real everyday use of some ancient tools and other items. While some replica makers will weld the guard to your swordblade, explaining that "that's what they would have done, if they had a welder back then" and some archaeologists with zero fighting experience will seriously explain that a 10cm bronze dagger was useless as weapon and had some ritual meaning only, at Custom History we fully understand your desire for an authentically crafted item and – thanks to quite unique combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience – we can offer you our own input and advice before the item is ordered and made. We also do our best to clarify widespread mistakes and misunderstanding that's connected with some items (such as making early mediaeval knife handles of antler spikes).

We won't declare that we can do everything. We specialize mainly in the less common and overlooked parts of period equipment. We won't lie to you and when asked for an item we're unable to produce, we simply tell you, perhaps suggesting some other capable maker.

The list of materials we work with is long and we're always willing to try something new, as long as we're able. Here are some of the more common materials and crafts we offer:

  • blacksmithing
  • woodcarving and other woodworks, both fine and rough
  • leatherworking, as well as rawhide and fur
  • bone, antler and horn products
  • copper, bronze, brass, lead and other non-iron metals; we usually don't cast them, but we have a great foundryman we cooperate with; for precious metals and very fine work we have a very good goldsmith
  • textile items - mainly accessories like knapsacks, haversacks etc., we don't usually make clothing (but we cooperate with a very good tailor)

To our customers we will gladly provide consulting and advice, when choosing the right items for specific period and your persona. We can also advice how to properly use the items, maintain them or modify them to your specific needs. We will recommend ways to carry various gear, ways that we've personally tried ovet the years in living-history. We can suggest proper and practical sets of needed items (shooting kits, fire kits, period craft tools, etc.).